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Business Law
So you are interested in opening a new business. Congratulations!

You will have numerous business decisions to make. Our advice will make your decision regarding business entity a little easier.

Come meet with us to discuss your options. Do you intend to operate as a sole proprietor, in partnership, or as an incorporated entity?

Once you decide how you will operate, we will be available to provide you with ongoing advice as move move forward with your business.
Purchase or Sale of a Business
A purchase or sale of a business or of its assets can be straight forward or extremely complex, with most deals falling somewhere in between.

If you are thinking about purchasing a business or its assets, due diligence is a must. Many hidden pitfalls, including creditor issues, tax issues, employment, and many other liabilities may be present but not initially apparent.

Let us assist you to ensure that you will be getting what you actually bargained for.
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